My Innocent Elder most brother and his torturing wife

Hi, My brother got married in 2014 and with in one month, me as well. Before our marriages, we used to live together. After that, we resided together in a same home, followed by occasional visits of my parents. With in one month, there was a conflict between my brother and his wife regarding me and my wife. My sister-in-law said that she cannot reside in the same home where me and my wife is residing. My brother asked me to go away and myself along with my wife moved to my home town. Since then, I never entered in there life. Recently my brother complained mom saying that his wife is torturing a lot and always threatening him saying that she will commit suicide if he gives single penny to parents. He also added, that she is torturing him since one month after the marriage. My brother says that she behaves rude and different when she had a phone call with her parents. Besides whenever she asks him to send to her parents, he does. He gifted her a lot. He offered her many things still she feels hungry. Very recently they were blessed with a baby boy. She warned that she would make my brother suffer like any thing when delivery happens. When my parents visited her home, she jumped to hit them. She abused them and my brother. She cursed them without any reason. She always says that my brother is not her husband any more. She said many such as, she married not to cook for her husband, instead just to ............She doesnt look after the new born like bathing, feeding, etc... There are many things which I cannot mention all over here. Now my brother is so stressed and not leading a happy life. He wants his wife to be like normal wife. Once we tried to put this infront of elders but they jumped to fight with us accompanying 25 people with them. When my brother goes to her, she never respects and also her parents. She never cooks and demands to get food from hotel. She wakes 10'O clock in the morning and does nothing. When my brother questions, she says, whats wrong in waking up at 10'O clock. She forced my brother to appoint a maid and he did accordingly. Even her parents say the same. Please provide us a better solution that things to get normal. Thanks