Partnership Dispute

We are three equal partners. Partnership Firm. Me (1) & My(2) other partners were working. (3) third one was sort of sleeping partner. We started the firm in Dec 2013. Bank Account ( 2 signs) First operation started in Pune followed by Mumbai operations in Aug 2014. First year - 13-14. we did TO of 55 Lacs. - Net Profit of 10 lacs Second Year we were closing at 2.15 Cr.- Approx Net Profit of 60Lacs When we met to close that year in March 15 for 14-15. Buy seeing the profit partner no : 1 mind started changing. I had given all the rtgs & neft & sign cheques to partner no 1. Which he took many advantages. Purchase new car in november 14 without telling me. Since he had my sign cheque with him. After another few months we changed completely. I decided in month of mid April not to continue with him. Since only me & partner no 1 was only working. Third was not bother. I told partner 1 to settle my account peacefully. After few days Partner no 2 came to me & said you give resignation in month of January 2015 & we shall retire your deed in march 15. I am sure he will not pay me the money we had seen in 14-15 tentative closing balance sheet. He is not sharing the Balance sheet to me. He has increase the expenses & brought down the net profit to 21 lacs instead of 60 lacs. He has stopped my company mobiles & my official company mail. In this situation. What to do. I am in Mumbai & he is in Pune. The third partner has now in picture & supporting him. He is from Goa. Please advice. If i send a notice to sarawat bank to stop the transaction. They will than come to my keens to close.