Subject : please advise me how I will get free from this horrible problem Message : Respected Expert: T. Kalaiselvan. Advocate ? On 21st May, 2015 I posted a query on ?Nullity of marriage under Special Marriage Act (Family Law)? but for a long periods I could not communicate with you because of my legal fighting against my wife on the basis of allegations made by her against me under 125 Cr. P. C. However, she was not able to prove all her allegations before the Hon?ble Court. That is why; I was mentally disturbed and puzzled what to do. Moreover, my aged + ailing parents were fallen seriously ill. My father was done angio-plasty from RTIICS, in Calcutta. For this, I beg my apology to you. You have also stated on 28th May, 2015 that my intention is different. No Sir. I have no malafide intention. I was perturbed at that moment. Except me, nobody came to rescue me from that gruesome problem. Don?t misunderstand me. Try to understand Sir. You have asked me some questions. I will try my level best to reply. When was the marriage performed, why this was registered under Special Marriage Act? The reason best known to them. I was kept in the dark that the marriage is being solemnised under Special Marriage Act. It was not a love marriage. It was an arranged marriage as they published an advertisement through a leading newspaper seeking for Groom (NAPIT) in West Bengal on 22nd September, 2013. The marriage was performed by 13th December, 2013. On 14th December, 2013 when she came my home, I discovered that a bag full of medicines (different types of medicines) she brought with her. There were 21 types of medicines for diseases like Gynaecological problem, Thyroid, Asthma and so on and so forth. She used to take medicines like *Trapic MF, *Menoguard* *Dysmen *Eklot,*Sefstart Asthalin/Asthalin-4 *Deriphylin Tablet *Microcef 200 DT *Ziprax ? 200 ***Eltroxyn -50 mg, Deriphylin injection, *Decadon Injection, Decolic Injection IP, Rantac Injection (50 mg) IP, Reglan Injection, Rantac-150, Aciloc RD, Omez D, Domstal, Riboflavin Tab 10 mg. capsules as per advice from her elder cousin brother and second cousin brother. I could not find any prescription of any Medical Practitioner or medicine-purchasing Cash memos. She used to take the medicines on the advice of her cousin brothers who used to practice Ayurvedic and Homoeopathy. She did not bring any prescription of any Registered Medical Practitioner. In reply to your third question ?when I consulted eminent doctor of Gynaecology, he opined that she has been suffering from ENDOMETRIOSIS and it needed a lot of time for treatment, but could not ascertain whether the disease was curable. About the procreation, he did not comment anything except saying that she has to be treated for a prolonged period. He also advised for laparoscopic Surgery (Conservative) but the surgery was not performed as she willfully and deliberately left my home on 6th September, 2014 as well as directions given by her mother and elder cousin doctor brother (primary school teacher in West Bengal). Moreover, she frequently of her own will and wish left my home since our marriage and as per directions given her mother, elder cousin brother. She even did not consent from me and from my parents. She cohabited with me less than one month out of seven months conjugal journey. Besides, she and her mother, elder cousin brother, her one unmarried sister and cousin sister in law came my home on 26th March, 2014, tortured me and my ailing parents mentally and all her stridhan and gifted items at the time of marriage and after marriage were brought back by her (wife) relatives That day, I and my ailing-aged parents were silent spectators. We could do nothing. The date was very unfortunate day of my life. Please advise me how I will get free from this horrible problem. Sent to : T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate on 23 September 2015