Dear sir, I have been married in august 2013. My father in law said he will give me dowry of rs 10 lacks. But he given 6 lacks only. Still I did not force my wife or father in-law for remaining money .I.e 4 lacks. In addition my wife has a doubt in me and she falsely claiming that I have a illagel relation with my brother wife and I am spending all my earnings to my brother and his wife and children. In real I don't have that illegal connection with my brother wife. She is like a mother to me. But my wife is not trusting me and she is emotionally and mentally torturing and quarling with me and blackmailing me that she will do suicide and also once attempted suicide by taking some tablets. As my wife father and mother are living separate from almost 20 years, my wife is staying with her mother till the time we got married. My father in law and mother in law also separated in a doubt on each other. As my used to stay with her mother , after marriage she is mentally fixed that iam also like his father and iam have a multiple illegal contacts. I have said to her many times but she is not trusting and quarles and blackmails me emotionally. Iam fed up with my wife behavior and I want to take a divorce from her. Mean while my father in law is trying to lodge a complaint against me that iam harishing his daughter and also forcing for extra dowry. So please suggest me what I should do. Thank you, Kishore