Eviction of Tenant

Sir, I am form Andhra praesh ,My tenant leaving since 2009 and rent not paid within the time as agreed orally,Tenants are aged people and women was very quarreler nature.Already quareld with two tenants who are living in ground floor.Since I was abroad i came back last year and went on septmber 18th to ask rent for the period of August and September,There an argument was happened and i told to vacate in three months but they refused to pay and as well as to vacate. I sent a lawyer notice on 29th September giving 30 days to vacate.After this tenant went and took injection order by saying i was trying to send out in illegal way by force. Also I received sumunas on 1st October from court in which tenant mentioned 100% wrong information including rent ,advance, facilities ,house area size and mentioned pushed her manually.Kidly advice in this regard as landlord what re my options. But ground floor tenants know about me as well as aged people.Ground floor tenants are in my favour as I am good nature. Kindly avice in this regard.