Apartment Owners Association - functioning and quality of service

Hi, I own an apartment unit in an apartment complex in Bangalore with 55 units in total. I live in it currently. The Association Management Committee has been formed three years ago when hardly 10 to 12 units were sold and occupied (the building was just finished). Now there are 42 occupied units (42 owners living). Only 4 units unsold. To the best of my knowledge, 1. The association is not registered. 2. No annual elections held so far. 3. The accounts have not been audited yearly and audited results not published. (A simple word document is posted on the notice board regarding income and expenditure for each month. No one has ever seen/reviewed the bills/receipts supporting the expenditure.) I am not happy with the above. Moreover, the quality of service rendered by the staff employed by the association (who work for a salary) like security, housekeeping and facilities manager is sub-standard. The manager is rather rude to residents. I have communicated this to the Managing Committee in writing. Its about 3 months : neither there is a response (verbal or written) nor any improvement in the quality of service. The only time the committee communicate to members is when its time to pay the periodic maintenance charges. The rest of the time is a long silence. On the grounds that the committee is not discharging their duties on time, can I defer the payment of maintenance charges till I get the Managing Committee to work on my plea?