Whether i can directly file a writ in high or supreme court onlin

Threat to my life as well as my mothers even after approaching police depeartment they are not taking action against the concernd people but inded they are indulging in my personl life and creating a hell in my life they are forcing me to commit suside and my own brother too is involved with these persons and torchering me in any way they are commiting a crime they are nt only indulging in my life too but they are creating hurdles in my life in my education whher i m doin my pg education i have been failed consisitingly for 4 oddyears but i thoght that how can it be possible i have faild once again but this time i gav a crossed DD to the college enclosing my revalutaion application they indeed gave an acknoldgment stating that ur application has been sent but indeed my application havnt sent by the college authorities as the dd validity is 3 months only after 3 months i cross checkd with the bank whether my dd has encashed r not but the dd havent encashed i approached the concerned university but they said we didnt receive any of ur application but with in 2 dys the results came out and my name was nt there but indeed the univesity authorities didnt took action against the college . so after filing RTI ACT 2005 only i have been pased even i approachde AP HRC, POLICE DEP, AP INFO COMMISSION, DIST COLLECTOR, POLICE COMMISSIONER,DG TO HOME ETC but no one taken action against them they are influeincing each n every one with power and positon and money so i need ur kind help so that i can face thm and i need to get justice culprits should be punished as they are forcing me to commit suside thanks regards 'ramesh