False complaint of Dowry n torture against me in women cell

On 8th september 2013, My accidental marriage happened. This marriage was based on suicidal threats, murder threats, emotional blackmailing and too many conspiracies against me by her family. Even, I was in remained house arrest for 15 days in Yamunanagar and my mobile was snatched from me. It was all planned by my best friend and her sister with help of her family. Lets come to the point, My so-called wife, who just lived in my Home for 3 to 4 days after marriage and then her came and requested my parents to send me and her daughter to Yamunanagar for some days... But It got extended to months.. They asked me to be Ghar Jamai and leave the parents. I was truly trapped.. And I couldn't do anything until I have evidances. On 23 Nov. 2013.. I got humoungous of evidances against her.. including her all facebook chat records in which she used to chat with her old married BFs against me and many other things which reflect her dirty charachter and also show.. how and her brother used to trap innocent guys for her. Also, I have recordings in which she herself accepted that I really gave my best to this marriage but she is maayka centred and can't leave her family. They enforced me to make sexual relation with her but I couldn't as It was forceful marriage. Yeah.. We had oral but I always ignored sex, just because I knew, the fakeness of her and her family. On 23 nov. 2013, I left her andcame back to my city with evidances. After that, Many meetings happened to patch up but nothing worked out. Finally, On 29 december 2014, She suddenly came to my home and said, She accepts her mistakes and want to live with me. She lived for 20 days. In these days, We both slept separately. Now, On 16th september, She fiiled a false torture and dowry complaint against me in yamunanagar's women cell. I got an appearance letter on 23 september i.e. my birthday and they asked me to come on 25 september. Due to some infection in my leg, I requested them to give another date after week and also faxed and sent registered post. Now, Women cell don't pick up our phone.. What to do? Today is a technology era and from mobile networks.. its very easy to track anyone's location. So, I mean to say.. She barely lived with me for 40 days and that too in her parents city.. and at last she lived in my parental house for 20 days.. And in those days she used to spend more than 5 to 6hours on her phone.. So how could I get these facts from Mobile operators.. Moreover, We contacted them soo many times to solve the matter amicably but those people are getting worst moment after moment.. They are demanding flat.50 lacs. Kindly note, This marriage happened in a very simple way. billed around 50,000. Aduletery, Betraying Emotional blackmailing, Threats of false dowry and Torture after 15th day of marriage, murder threats and tooo tooo much traumatic things, which I can't even describe in words. Please let me know your valueable comments on this case... What to do or what no to do