Partition suit Karnataka

Dear sir / madam, My grandpa and Mom having 4 children 2M+2F, My mother One of them and she is 48 years old there was Ancestral property in Our Grandpa ( 4 acres of Darakastu dry land and 60*40 site which has two house- my uncles are living there), 16 gunta irrigation land and 22.5*45 site on Grand mother name. Both they expired Many years ago. After my Grand mother expired in 2003 we were not used to go the village regularly, in 2010 Without intimating sisters they both took property partition in 4 acre dry land and sites. My aunt is not interested in partition, she is declining to ask and she is ready levae the partition. Now my mother want her share but her brothers are declining to give. And MR is in their name only, Now can My mother File A suit? How many years It might take to get the justice? Will my uncles Jailed for get done property into their names? Can we recover the advocate and court fee from My uncles After judgement? Is MR and Pahani confirms their ownership status? Thanks in advance for your reply.