Divorce for better life

Dear Sir / Madam, I have a strange question, am not sure if anybody has come across such situation, Im married for 4 years, its love cum arrange marriage against my family wish & have a 3 year old kid. Was dreaming about a fruitful future life but it turned out to be sour later, but it was too late. I sacrificed my family, my savings & all the relationship to marry the girl who like me, nobody suggested to marry that girl & ignored everyone's advice. Even her parents were not willing to marry their daughter to me, another reason is just because she liked me, emotionally blackmailed me & her parents that she will kill herself if they don't agree for our marriage, with the fear if she does something wrong I might end up with problem, I compromised myself & married her. As a result am suffering from the day I married, she is more of daughter to her parents & less as wife to me. always cares for her family members. She don't have any value for my sacrifice, caring & effort. Always insult me.. Its uncontrollable mental torture. Just because my family members didn't support for my marriage I cannot ignore them.. right Am from middle class family & only person at home in a good position working in MNC & earning. I would like to help my family member during their needs which my wife doesn't like. every time she picks up a quarrel for silly matters & many a times she attempted for suicide without thinking about our kid & I saved her, didn't informed to anybody about this & I requested her not to take such steps in future.. but it repeated. Many a times I felt to end my life. * On the day of my wedding, only few of my close friends were with me & in laws didn't make any arrangement for me to sleep comfortably in the night instead I slept on iron cot whole night in cold & for some personal reasons they humiliated my friends parents in front of everyone. I was not aware of this matter & later came to know. * I spend all my savings for marriage expense, got a rental house, furniture, house hold items, gifts, all basic needs, In laws didn't even bother to ask me if am finding any difficulty. * They gave 10 years old collection of kitchen items as gift for our wedding, It was really a disgusting thing & never expect such things. In-fact I can buy things required. I don't like to stretch hand in-front of others for anything. * In-laws didn't spend one rupee for first delivery of kid for their daughter, I bear all the expense. * My in-laws both are working, have own house, getting rental income, still they try to en-cash my innocence. * My office is very far from home & if i want to look for rental house near office, my wife starts fighting again since she wants to stay near to her parents. everyday am travelling 4 hours to office to & fro. Am fed-up & tired from last 4 years :( * She is not a responsible housewife, doesn't give me food on time, always ask for hotel food. doesn't keep house clean, always messy & unhygienic, which leads to health problems, I hate. she is not like what I was dreaming about married life. * She always keep checking my mobile in doubt, its highly irritating habit. There are few other issues am facing.. but can be discussed later HERE is my straight question..... I met a girl a year ago who is married & mother of 3yr old kid, we are good caring friends now & we both share our family issues & console each other, we have good understanding & trust. Her parents married her to a guy who is money minded, not caring & irresponsible. she works in a private firm & earning. Her in-lwas & husband use her earning to clear all their loans & credits & even he physically & mentally torture her for silly issues. When she is ill, nobody takes care of her, she suffers alone. When she complain about the happening to her parents they just say do adjust with in-laws & husband its your fate, cannot help. They made her to buy a car for family from her money & they never take her for a drive instead her husband use it for parents whereas she is paying the EMI every month. She is ill-treated at home She is very responsible, does all house hold work & take care of her family very well. she is very unhappy for her fate & willing to come out from that hell. After thinking a lot with mutual understanding we have decided to divorce our respective partners & marry for better future life Kindly suggest how to go about it. Regards Krishna