Need help for false case against me.

Hi. i was working with my dad company since 2005 till November 2011. The i joined another travel company on repeated request of the owner to my dad to send me to his company on higher post and salary. i am generating business from Europe that's why he wanted me to work in his company. i worked with them for 3 years with full loyalty but after 2.5 years the company started to harass me as they introduced another person who will take over my contact. they made me sit in office for 10 months and wanted me to produce the business which is impossible. i am a sales guy and i have to visit their office to get business. Also to mention here i signed a employee bond for 5 years but as they started to harass me and abuse me in front of junior staff i left the company with a resignation letter - cum legal notice sent by my lawyer. Now after almost 8-10 months they filed a CIVIL case against me for Bond and criminal case for 420, 120b, 408 and a FIR is also registered. before FIR police called me to verify the complaint but i provided all docuements of my innocense and police filed closure of complaint court but their lawyer argued and forced to lodged FIR and do proper investinaiton. During my tensure company gave me a Mobile phone for which i send 2-3 emails for HR-Admin-COO-Gm of company to please take it back but they never responded. and now in their FIR the said i stole it. but i have proof of email that i want to return phone. now a FIR is lodged i asked IO what to do now as IO is very honest man and he understand my situation and knws all false play in it. Please help me how should i handle the situation. regards atul