Student loan default- Father spent the money- Need legal advice

Hello, I got student loan (~20 lak) from City union bank for my post-graduate education.The loan was approved after I started the college and was out of the country. My father somehow managed to fetch the majority of the money from the bank and use it for his personal stuff. I was not made aware of it until I went back to India closer to my graduation. We had a heavy argument and as usual he physically abused us and I threatened to take him to police if he continues to do so. In order to get back to me, he cancelled the remaining loan and made sure that I could not benefit much from this student loan. When I got a job, I started slowly paying it off hoping that he would pay off his share. But he has the habit of getting others money and not returning it back (eg: from my mom, relatives and other loans). This is a very bad habit. I have two other loans in other country which I am paying on time and have good track record. He didn't support my education, marriage or my bro's education. I ended up bearing all the responsibilities and still he wants me to pay off this student loan. I don't have that much money to pay after bearing all the responsibilities. I am not visiting my house anymore. I have to work hard to support my family. I stopped paying. Being a female in the house, I faced all kinds of challenges. I want him to pay the loan. All properties are also in his name. This loan is now with Reliance group for getting the money back. I won't mind if they want to confiscate the property to pay the loan. But my father is trying to put me in more trouble. I am not talking to him in the past few years. I heard that there was a court notice sent to us to his address which he did not accept. I don't know what will happen next. I am not residing in the country and I am afraid of the upcoming events. Does anybody know how this case will be typically approached by the banks? What should I do to prepare myself to face this struggle? Worst case, I want to bring out the truth that my father spent most of the loan and he is physically abusing my mom and using her to play this emotional game to get money. I need advice and I am very much worried. Thanks a lot.