Step Brother has entered my house

Hello Experts, My Father Expired a month ago, he was sick and not keeping too well. My step brother and his wife came to our place saying they want to take care of dad and stay with him.. actual reason was wait for him to die and gain entry into the property.I am not at my property as i work in Mumbai, and hence they took advantage of that and started living there saying that they are taking care of dad. Now what they have done is locked one room of the house and taken possession. I will go point wise on this 1. They have locked one room of the house that has separate entry 2. When dad was living he wanted the first wife kids to take one part and the other kids(2nd wife: who also expired 3 yrs back , my mother )to take the other part which included the house and some rooms which are run a guesthouse 3. While my dad still lived he used to brainwash my dad as i used to run the guesthouse,and now created problem for me by abusing my maid who used to work there. I had filled a complaint and bcoz of that he is going to the magistrate as a case has started against him . this was somewhere in April 2015. 4. Now again, he is trying to cause issues, we all tried to sort the issue in a nice way by seeing what can be given to whom. 5. As i was running the rooms, they wanted me to stop running the rooms till a decision is taken on the division of the property. 6. To my bad luck, i handed over the keys of the guesthouse rooms to my step sister who was trying to sort out the issues.. I know this is getting long, I just hope to get some issues resolved here.. 1. How can i get this step brother out of my house room.. Even if he does not, thats fine, atleast i want to run the rooms and not have him interfere in my business 2. I came to know about ipc 441 which talks about criminal tresspass. 3. We have been staying at this house since 1990, My mom was the one who built this place.All my Docs are having this as my address.. The Step brothers or sisters have no address from here.. 4. I got no issues if this goes to the court for settlement, My main concern is how to get this guy out of my room and life so that he does not interfere in my business. 5. I want to start running my rooms again.. Regarding the keys of the Guesthouse, I can try to get it back as i was good enough to give it to them.. If not, can i break all the locks and change the locks. 6. Can i file a complaint and file a FIR, saying that the step brother is staying at my house forcefully and picking up fights with me..and threatening me Please Advice .. BTW this address is in Goa