iam m.sushmitha i filed a case on my husband under 498aa i gt marrid one half yr back on the third day of my marriage it self my in laws they sent me out frm ther home i was moved frm their house and im pregent and wen i was in 7 th month then again came bac to my in laws house at that time they use to harrase me mentally and physically the after delivery of 5 months again i came to my in laws house here my husband my mother in law and father in law they three gatherd and harssed that they want divorce becoz his son wants to go for second marriage they were tried to gt sign frm me bt i did nt they sent me out of frm ther home in the month of march2015 there i raised a counsellig in the station the thing is my father in law is reserves inspector it means from same police department so they did nt care much now on 16 th septemer 2015 i filed a case becaus from last four months my husband is staying with other lady the lady is staying at there home only from march to till today iam staying with my mother s house so nt even one he never called me nor came to see my baby i hv one yr old baby so my help is police people till now he did nt arrested nor they did nt sent to remind if we ask they say is like he is a ri son how i need to take action case number is1137/2015