Ipc 420

Dear sir, there was a lady who was known recently for selling a property, later she approached saying that there are some poor students & we have to help in MBBS seat. My wife was helping her by giving guidance of relevant colleges. Now this lady has taken some amount from the parents & the parents have a written acknowledgement from the lady stating that she has taken money from them for getting seat & other parent had done a NEFT to the lady's account. Parents have lodged a police complaint against that lady alone & when police questioned her she said that she has given the amount to us. When my wife got a call from police Sub Insp, she gave the facts that she was no where involved in any money related & neither there was any written/material proof that we have taken part of that money, inturn we had asked parents to go directly to college & pay the money there. After this we have still not got call from Police. Please advice if we are at risk, should we file a FIR/NCR as precautionary measure.