My advocate gets my sign on a blank paper and blank vakalatnama paper

Dear All, I had to file a private complaint a few years back in a district court. The advocate who filed the case for me, took a blank Vakalatnama and a blank paper signed by me for the purpose of filing it. In fact felt a bit awkward about signing the blank paper but I signed it anyway. Vakalatnama was also blank but I signed it Advocate filed the private complaint successfully. This happened a few years back. Now when I remembering this incident, I am a bit worried why he would have taken the blank paper signed from me. I am not quite sure if they filled in something in it to file in the court or not. I then felt like this was a standard procedure to fill something in it along with the Vakalatnama. But I am a bit worried why the blank paper which I signed may be used for? 1) Any genuine/valid reason do you see such a blank white paper singed by me was required for the advocate/his office for filing the private complaint? He got it along with getting blank vakaltnama signed by me. I was relatively inexperienced then, I just trusted him. But I am now worried :) 2) Should I be worried about any potential misuse of the paper if they still keep it as blank by the advocate's office? 3) What can I do now to prevent any potential misuse? It happened many years back, hence I may not be able to ask it back. Thanks