Need Advise

Hello Sir, We married approx 2.5 years ago. After couple of months my wife start fighting with me and after a lot cruelty shown by my wife to me and my parent for almost 1 year she went to her home. We all were very depressed and any how surviving. just after she went to her home we files a divorce case. and after few months in response to that she and his family filed 125, Dowry, 498A etc. She went o CAW cell their they clearly understood the matter and said it is false so they didn't ask anything to me. Similar thing happened in SSP City Complaint. She filed 498A but there is no proof like medical etc. So to stop that I filed an application in High Court. Now Allahabad high court started the mediation and in first meeting mediation team said that don't go with whatever girl blame and present in the case. They are forcing me to live for 3 months together and see if this works. I said that she has already attempted suicide 3 times and now if she do again the same then who will be responsible for this? Mediation team said that dont worry about it and they will provide written statement that our family will not be responsible in such case? Now girl also in favor of living with me even after filing 498A case. I and our family don't believe on girl because we dont believe them because of whatever happened in the past. Now my question is can any mediation court give in written that anything happened with the girl if we start living together again, out family will not be responsible and complete responsibility of court? and how much these things are valid?