How do I retaliate false DV case

I married three years back since the first week of marriage problem started between us due to various reasons and I have to compromise every time, I fed up after few incidents and left her home(she refused me to come to my home and was staying with her parents). we have a kid and I have been refused to meet my kid, after that I stopped even visiting her home due to the fact that I have been insulted by her and her family. I was working in a private organization and It happened to travel abroad. I didn't want to loose the opportunity for which I have been waiting for many years. my wife came to know that I left to abroad and she filed a DV against me and my entire family. they are appearing in court for each and every trial. I am really frustrated because of the false DV case against my family I want to retaliate for he mistake. It may sounds like I am asking help from you to harm a woman but please note that my mother is also a woman. I feel helpless in front of my mother. Please advise me how to tackle this .