Fraud by cousin brother

Hi This is Rakesh from Vapi Gujarat. My cousin brother fraudster name Prashant was from Mangalore.He was staying in hongkong for 2 years and came back to India in 2019 for some health issue. All started on February 2021. Prashant had called me and asked for help for business. He was doing some gold ornament business. Previously in 2017 we had some clear transaction on basis on that I thought to help him. He had asked for a amount to invest and whatever profit he will get he would repay back the amount. So initially I gave around 3 lacs. Still April 2021 he didn't not gave any amount. In May 2021 he gave some amount saying to take as interest and would repay the principal amount very soon. Then by May end again he called and told he has good deal and asked for some amount. Which I believed him and paid some amount. All transactions were done thru bank. In this way he had borrowed around 10 lacs still October 2021. In october 2021 his phone got switched off. Then I called his wife and asked about his whereabouts. She gave me his new number. By November I came to know his wife had filed a police complaint against him.Then I had confronted him,he didn't had any answer and about money he was telling he would repay. Then next day his phone got switched off. When I called his wife , she told me he had borrowed money from many people in the same manner and absconded. He has borrowed around 20 to 25 lacs and pledged his wife gold in bank without her knowledge for 30 lacs. Her gold was worth of 40 lacs. Prashant wife had filed a divorce 1st which she won as Prashant was absconded and filled a fraud police complaint against him at CCB Mangalore. His brothers and his sister don't know about his whereabouts. I tried to file a police complaint but the police refused to lodge. As it would be waste of time and the case would show pending. Now I don't know what to do. I came to know wether it's true or not that the police charges for finding missing person. How can I recover my money back. Filing a case against him will help. Regards Rakesh