Clarification on digital fraud??

A SBI General Insurance Policy (accidental one) of Rs.100 Premium has been bought by my father in 2012 through a joint account held by my father and mother both (primary user being my father). My father died in a vehicular accident in 2013.His policy certificate was not recoverable. The only proof of the accidental policy was premium amount debited from his joint account. In the absence of any policy certificate, I (representing myself as my father) sent an e-mail to the SBI General Insurance Customer Care requesting to provide a soft copy of the policy certificate. The Policy Certificate that I received was in the name of my Mother. Thereafter, I (representing myself as my father) sent another request to the customer care to make necessary changes (to issue the policy in the name of my father) in the policy certificate which they obliged on further receipt of passbook copy. Thereafter, I made a claim. But it was repudiated on the ground that amendment in the policy certificate was made after the death of my father. Also, they say that obtaining policy certificate by representing me as my father after his death is a fraud. They are calling me a fraud. My question to the honorable member is whether I have committed a serious digital crime by obtaining policy certificate representing me as my father. Can I be punished or fined for such deeds of mine?