Tenant Rights in Pagdi System

There is a contract between my father (tenant) & the landlord on pagdi basis for 90 years in 1995. But after 2 years my father died in a accident in 1997 & i was 6 months old at that time. Then my father family disrespect my mother alot after his demise & because of that my mother left that area. We continued our life at bhiwadi (Raj.). In 2018 , i was 22 years old & went back that place to get all of my property including a shop which is on pagdi basis on the name of my father, but my uncle's denied to give me back. Then i placed a file in the area court against my uncle (Kotputli - Rajasthan) , but nothing happened after fighting alot with them because the area advocates are so corrupt. After fighting alot with them , i left the area & start focusing on my career because that was a crucial time for me. But now that is come & i have to fight again & want to get all my things back. Please provide me the exact answer & guidance that how could i get back my pagdi basis shop which is on the name of my father as per the contract first ?