Judicial seperation.

My father expired in the year 2002. he had not made any distribution of his property. all the banks deposits made by him on our family members are under my mothers control. we are two brothers and one sister. my sister is expired in the year 2008. my brother was separated with my parents and was dwelling in the same house seperately. my brother has got two sons and one daughter. i have two daughters. all his children are married. my second daughter is married but not the first. though i was with my father and mother even after my brothers seperation from my parents . now my mother has changed her mind and staying with my brother. my brother went out of our home after 2 years of my fathers death. ours is a double storey building with two house nos. 1346 and 1347. my father puchsed the house in public auction when we were young that is around in 1958. he constructed the top floar in the year 1966-1967. the area of the building is around 225 square yards. my mother is staying with my brother from the last two years. my mother went to stay with my brother during the celebration of his daughters marriage that is in 2013. our house documents and deposits made by father on the different family members are taken away by her and they are in my brothers home (he is staying outside in a rented house more than 10years. my mothers age is around 85 years . my brother age is 69 and mine is 67. the house property on my fathers name and we are paying the tax on two house nos, 1346 and 1347. i am worried whether she will write the will on my brother name. my mother has any right to give the house to only one son. i love my parents right from my child hood and obey their orders. my father was inspired by my support and given a statement that my brother is selfish and i am hard working to help him in all respects, he also made a statement that my mother is brothers fan. now i recollect his statement. " kindly let me know what sort of action i have to take for their qruel intentions and ideas to ditch me. thanks and regards. awaiting for your reply.