Money taken not refunded - Crinimal issue

Sir/ Madam, I need your help. My money is stuck for the last 4 years. I wanted to fix the generator due to a power issue before the rainy season. One electrician ( name: Ibrahim) was asked to get the generator fixed for home for uninterrupted power backup. So I was told it will cost me fifteen thousand so I paid him and he got me a second-hand machine. I happen to notice that the machine came without a box is not new asked for few information and on questioning, I came to know there was something wrong and I told him kindly return this back I cannot buy this machine. The Electrician ( Ibrahim) understood that he is caught so without any more argument he took the bill and the generator back and said he will come back with the money. He never returned back with money. It has been 4 years that he has taken money but every time I call he disconnects the line. They have good money with them as he is earning good but whenever we inquire his wife tell there no money and does not bother to return my money. For Four years imagine the interest rate if he would have taken a loan how much it will be. We trust people and they betray our trust and continue to cheat others. I want strict action to be taken against this electrician. This electrician is living in Mumbra and I am living in Thane. His name is Ibrahim - [deleted] and his wife's name is Nazneen [deleted] both are having three kids all his family is a fraud person. Kindly help me take strict action against this electrician cause every day I call him but he does not attend my call and his wife also does the same.