Cheating by wife, threatening to put 307, 407, 498 i want to quit

Married 8 months back, wife soaftware engineer arranged marriage... learnt that she have given wrong date of birth and she is elder to me by 1 year, more over she is very aggressive , arrogant being a forced marriage she is not adjusting and normal problems look big to her... she criminal minded , keeps recording even petty quarels to threaten me.... she tells she went to station as she was feared that i will leave her knowing her date of birth and also she is unlikely to have child as she have uterus problem, she tought that i would be afraid is she approach police.... being frustrated i slapped her once , and called both parents to discuss but she and her famiuly approached police and gave false complaint 307, 498.... i callled her spoke softly and i escaped... stayed with her 10 days... last 20 days im out of house staying with my parents.... being a doctor i know her attitude would never change i want to end once in all....she approached me, but i told im scared we need to discuss with elders and neutral fellows then only i will get assurance but she is egoistic not ready to get for discussion.... she is staying alone in our rented house... i have moved my minimal parsonnel things only.... i want to safely get away from her without any police problems .... i want to take my home things what should i do