Notice buy out

"Upon your confirmation, either Party shall be free to terminate this Agreement at will and, at any time, with or without cause, upon sixty (60) days prior written notice by the Party desirous of terminating this Agreement or payment of equivalent salary in lieu thereof or a combination thereof, at the discretion of the Company. In case you have received or otherwise entitled to any joining bonus/sign-on bonus and, you exercise the option of terminating this Agreement within the period agreed as per your joining bonus/sign-on bonus letter, or if your employment is terminated by the Company on account of breach of terms of employment and/or policies/procedures applicable to you, you shall be liable to refund to the Company such joining bonus/sign-on bonus as paid to you by the Company which shall be in addition to the sixty (60) days written notice or salary in lieu thereof or a combination thereof. Further, in case any costs have been incurred by the Company or any expenses have been reimbursed to you, including but not limited to any relocation benefits, and you exercise the option of termination this Agreement, or your agreement in terminated by the Company on grounds mentioned above within 12 months of joining, the Company shall in such case also be entitled to adjust and/or recover from you the total cost incurred by the Company and/or expenses reimbursed to you including without limitation, as incurred/expended in connection with your relocation." This is the contract I signed upon. Now I have resigned to join some other company. And i can't serve entire 60 days notice and can serve only 20 days but my manager is not approving early release and HR says unless manager approves, she wouldn't allow this to happen. What shall I do?