Bank accounts freezed

Hi, We are a company Organizing Tours in india and abroad. Recently, Some one from Hyderabad has complained against us (Probably for Delay in refund of Cancelled Tour) and the Cyber cell has sent notice to Our Bank to FREEZE the Debit from our current Account. Same was done with some of our personal bank accounts. Current and Personal Bank accounts are FREEZED right Now. Neither while FREEZING the Current account Nor While FREEZING the Personal Bank Account, We were not Notified by the bank neither the cyber cell. There was no communication shared with us, there was no clarification asked from us. Now, this sudden FREEZE has brought our whole business on HALT as this was the only current account that we have had. 99% of our Transactions are online and each transaction can be traced from where the money came in and to whom it was paid. We have more than 1000 customers who have travelled with us till Now and can offer testimonies of our services and us being a legal entity which is organizing the tours in real time. Cancellations of trips happens for some or the other genuine and valid reasons and sometimes the refunds get delayed. it is not that we intentionally hold the refunds. And we are not the only company in tourism industry which has some cancelled trips and delayed refund stories. Probably, we are not the big shots like thomas cook, SOTC, Mahindra, hence, a Policeman has shown his powers and taken the action. Had the company in concerned be a large business like that of thomas cook, sotc or mahindra, the police man would have never ever dared and touched their accounts. It is not that we do not wish to Pay the Refunds and seeking the Legal Remedies but it is that in future if some thing of similar sort happens then some Policeman would find the FREEZE of account as a way out and which would work as an act of Blackmail by the people who are in authority and holding powers. That way slowly the businesses like us have to shut down and look out for Jobs where we are not offering the employment but seeking the employment. Kindly Suggest what is to be done Now on urgent basis?? Is there any lawyer Here who has handled such a case previously and take our case too??