Writ of mandamus

I am from Andhra Pradesh. I complained nearly six months ago to the local authorities about the illegal CONSTRICTION of a Govt drainge canal to a bare minimum(a nearly 30 feet wide canal has been reduced to a mere 3 or 4 feet) ,that has been there for decades, and subsequent construction of a Commercial complex on that land. The commercial complex is rented out at helft monthly rents to business entities and boarders for personal monetary gains. The CONSTRTICTION of the drainage canal leads to frequent inundations of the neighbouring area and the road adjacent to it in monsoon season. The people who have built the complex are not in anyway landless poor or in need of housing for family. It was purely commercial in nature. The authorites didn't have anything to say on this matter. They just closed the issue. They have neither confirmed nor denied any of the issues in the complaint and have not acted in anyway since then. Silence and inaction were the only replies. I took the matter to the district collector and here too the response was the same. No action, No reply. Isn't this a violation of AP WALTA act 2002, chapter 4 section 23 and AP Land grabbing(Prohibition) Act 1987 , hence merit a writ of mandamus against the negligent and derelict authorities?