NOC for doing PhD in University as a faculty

1. I am working as an Assistant Professor in Central University from last 9 yrs, and I want to pursue P.hd on study leave of 2 yrs from other institute since all the seats for doing PhD for internal candidates are full but my employer is not issuing NOC for the one senior faculty has raised objection on my application for NOC that he also want to pursue P.hD in study leave. 2. The same senior faculty had earlier walked over / gave up his turn of study leave in the past to another faculty who is junior to him but senior to me...but this time after my application and due to some hidden politics he objected to my application in departmental meeting after 1 month that he is also submitting his application for doing PhD and thus department has forwarded his application based on seniority 3. So my question is that is it there any legal remedial action I can take against University administration because each time that senior faculty can object to my application as in the past he gave up his turn so roster kind of thing can be followed and otherwise in that case my application can never get forwarded for NOC