Can anticipatory bail be applied before filing of FIR

I was in relationship with a girl since last 4 years and we both wanted to get married. But 8-9 months ago, due to family's issues, she was mentally tortured and forced to divert her mind. Her family forced her to break all the connections with me and ultimately she decided to leave me and move on. Due to a lot of misunderstandings and unclarity I was trying to contact her till Mar., 2022. As her father's reason of rejection was a stigma on a society and very pathetic that boy's father has already died and there is no sibling of him. It is most certain that I will be made accused in a case of 354D which is a cognizable offence. Two days ago, I have been called at police station and I was told to provide them in written that I will not take any step(s) in this regard as her marriage is fixed somewhere else. And I will not contact any party furthermore else FIR will be lodged against me as a form of CRPC 41(a) has already been submitted in advance and my sign has been taken with IPC section empty and I have been warned that any activity will place me behind the bars. As I am still receiving warnings and intimidations from different sources and if I decide to appeal or complaint them at my police station, they will file FIR and I will be arrested for sure. So, is there any way to file anticipatory bail at this step i.e before filing of FIR? Girl is located in different city where I was called and the FIR is going be lodged.