Non payment of salary

Hello sir/madam, I was working in corporate office for 5months.After 1months i came to know that the company is notgivibg salary to any employes since they have joined. I and all other employes were requesting them everyday for salary but they used to say that there is no profit happening in company to distribute salary,this is starting of this firm so adjust all sort of reasons. Although the company was making good profit,they could have easily distruibute the salary but still they refused and ignored. After 2-3months they started saying that they cant handle so many employees so started removing the employes without giving salary to them. Day by day they ignored coming to office and attending the calls they were not even ready to talk to anyone. Then they were to start new n bringing new employees and shutting this business. Saying to promote new buisness they went out of mumbai for 2months n they conpletely ignored us an other staffs too. We came to that they are not going to come mumbai again. After constant calling they told us that talk to my brother he will give you. So we explained our problem to him he said he will do,but later even he told us that dont call me talk to boss only. When we told his brother about the company's status he was not know about any profits that company made. After few days the owner of the company called my partner and started saying that HE IS A BAD PERSON,CAN DO ANYTHING TO US, HE WONT LEAVE US AFTER GIVING THE SALARY. He tried to frighten us by saying many such things,and said that even we can leave the firm. After few days when my partner resigned he started shouting on me and and saying that HE HAVE SEEN EVERY SITUATION SO DOESNT MATTERS WHATEVER HAPPENS then even i resigned after few days. We called him everyday but they only ignored us. After saying them since 5months they gave me n my partner 6k and others 4-5k now again he is ignoing us. Please help us