Noise pollution from cottage industry in residential area

Dear Sir, I need your help and guidance regarding a noise pollution issue we have been facing. We live in a residential area in Jaipur, Rajasthan. However, from the last 15 years we are suffering due to stone carving workshops just next to our residence. They create very loud noise (between the range of 60-70 decibel) and white dust during heavy cutting of soap stones using big grinding machines for most of the day. During our graduation time, our parents tried to convince them to shift the workshop and even complained to some local authority but to no avail. All we learned that they are registered under “Kutir Udyog” i.e. cottage industry. We grew and moved to different places for higher studies and jobs hoping that they will close when their next generation takes over. Now as we are back to our parents and we are also parents now but they seem to continue. We fear our kid will have to face the same dust and severe noise we faced during our studies. We tried to research if and how Indian law can help us but were not able to find anything substantial. We understand that pollution laws have become stricter but have not understand how to go about this problem. Can you please spare some time and guide us on how we can tackle this? Thank you for your time