Performance Linked Incentive

As part of my CTC i have a PLI component which is pegged at 15% of my gross salary. I work for a French company in India. We follow the French financial calendar that is sep-aug and our PLI for the financial year sep-aug is usually paid out in the month of oct post our performance reviews. I am currently in the last leg of my notice period and was under the impression that I would be getting my PLI on a pro basis however I now understand from HR that I will not be receiving this PLI. They have said that since you will not be with the organisation at the time of payout you will have to forfiet the same. I have read through all the HR policies in detail and also I have validated my appraisal letter and no where has it been mentioned that if you are not with the organisation at the time of payout your PL will be forfeited. As per the policy I have also served a complete three month notice period. Can the company with hold my pli pyout. I can accept the fact that it may not be paid out to me in my fnf however is the company not liable to give me the same at the time of payout in the month of October? I have already spend 10 months of the current financial year with the organisation. I am seeking an expert advice on the same.