Hassasment of Seniour Citizen by Neighbour

Respected Sir or Madam, My father is a senior citizen (72) and lives on a ground floor and our neighbour (who belongs from SC/ST community) lives on the first floor, asked us to allow him for extension of his balcony and build an additional room on it. My father allowed him to extend the balcony area upon his assurance that he will not build any additional room to avoid excess pressure on the building and in case any damage happens to our walls or area, he will cover all the expenses or will get it repaired from his end. In the process of extending his balcony area and renovation work; he has damaged our area/walls and cement shades very badly. When we approached him regarding the damages to our property then he abused and threatened my father that he will not pay for any damages (also will not allow us to get the damages repaired) and call the police and file case under SC/ST act because we did not allowed him to build an additional room on the extended balcony area. I think, he is planning to launch fake ST/ST case against us so we can allow him for illegal construction of a room in lieu of cancellation of ST/ST case against. We want to approach Hon. Court and Police regarding the same and I request you for your guidance on how to avoid fake sc/st case in such case. Many thanks for your cooperation and advice, in advance.. Nupur Sharma