How can I sell my hand-made natural skincare products as a small scale, home-run business?

Hi, I run a small skin-care business where we make cold-process soaps and other natural skincare products. In the making of my products there are no effluents or pollutants that need to be discarded safely, there are no major health and safety hazards and I can produce these products in a 10f x 10ft room and run my business successfully. However, I have learnt that I am not legally allowed to sell these products without an FDA license. My major problem with getting the FDA license is: a) FDA doesn't recognize this type of soapmaking. This is the traditional method of soapmaking, which doesn't require chemical detergents, milling machines or any kind of machinery. With a few basic home tools , one can safely make soap. b) To make my products I donot require so much space as the FDA is asking c) For a small business owner who is a woman, running this business singlehandedly, paying 8-9 ++ Lakhs to get this license is not feasible, it is unaffordable. So by creating such a difficult licensing process, this licensing requirement is either forcing small businesses like this run by women out of business or many women continue to run businesses under the radar. Just as an example, In all other countries, the processes are straightforward. In UK and Europe you need to get your formulations tested by a chemist and then you can sell. And in the US you donot require any licenses. Is there no other form of licensing that one can get that is affordable, that keeps in mind what we are doing and that supports women who are running small businesses? Is there any hope for some policy level changes that can acknowledge this area of business?