Labour cases can we re-open. Grounds to win cases?

My father and his brothers were running a partnership firm and they were into mfg. of papers. Given hugh losses in business business was shut. One ofthe worker went to labour court and sought order against my father and uncle. The order was passed ex parte as we didnt had money to fight in court in 2004.questions are as under 1. Can property in the joint name of father uncle and grand mother and brother's sister be attached by labour court. As liability is of partnership firm and grand mother and sister of father are not partners 2. Court has ordered to pay daily wage till today assuming he is still worker. Can court order this? if we now prove that our factory was shut 25 year back. All documentsary evidence like zero electicity bill and zero sales tax pymt thereafter can be provided as proof. 3. On what grounds can we fight against worker and re-open 1988,1992 and 2004 cases? which was approved by court as ex-parte. Is there any chance of winning? how long will it take? 4. If worker dies during this process? do we still liable if he doesn't have family?