One of the flat owner who is residing in apartment is threatening us to vacate flat

We are residing in an apartment as tenant and owner is staying in nearby locality. We are residing here for a year. There is no proper notice or message from owner about an increase in monthly flat rent, but one of the flat owner who is acting as intermediate between us and my flat owner is threatening us by call stating "Your flat owner committed to give flat for rent to another family, so please vacate the flat". But we didnt get any update from my flat owner on this, also we conveyed to that person stating we will discuss with owner and we dont have any idea to vacate now. Later we called up my flat owner and informed the same what that intermediate person said, for that flat owner said will increase 5% rental from next month onwards and we agreed for that. But still that intermediate person who is in same apartment is sending few people to see my flat. People coming and asking as flat will be vacant itseems so we would like to visit the flat. And from owner there is no proper response when we had called again to share the same incident which is happening. @Bangalore Lawyers: Please provide a solution for us, I am currently with my wife and Kid who is 4 year old. Note: There is no proper way of treating tenants in my apartment by other flat owners. Also there is no breakup or receipt being given for every month maintenance amount that we use to pay. When we ask this association say its only for owners we share the expenses not for tenants.