Boyfriend promised to marry but now says you cant adjust with things

I had a boyfriend who proposed me to marry and now after wasting my 4+ years making me go through sleepless nights, and mental trauma, he's seeing another girl for marriage. He sexted with me multiple times on the promise of marrying me. Our parents know about us that we liked each other but they never agreed for marriage. We still talked as he said we may convince them later. He sexted with me and made me put down all the proposals I got for marriage during 2018-2022 . And now all of a sudden, in april 2022, he made matrimony profile, approached a girl and they are thinking of marriage. He didn't mention me that he was looking for another girl for marriage until one day he told me on asking him for his strange behaviour with me. He totally neglected my calls, blocked me from calling. Everytime I requested him to make things fine between us, he said he will call and he never did. Always put on next day and then he just made me wait to talk on call for 15-20 days like that. I am having multiple sleepless nights due to the cheating he made on me by breaking the relationship without telling me and was seeing another girl for marriage. He just said that "dont waste your time . Now nothing can be fixed." His parents has met another girl and her family and now they are knowing each other .. anyways I want to know if I can file a case on him for making me go through mental emotional pain and using me for sexting..and for his fake marriage promise , wasting my 4 years time and I also have proof that he made me deny other guy's proposal meanwhile. Pls let me know if some case can b filed on him. I want to share that he is a sailor. the reason he gives for not marrying me is that I cant adjust with his job and he also denies that if I Want to work in metro city after marriage , i cant do soo as he thinks other guy could take advantage of me in his absence so he only wants me to stay in his small town. initially he used to tell me that he'll continue with his job for 3-4 years after marriage. last year, he said he will pursue a course from abroad and after complition he will call me there after marriage. now he has completely changed .. he made a matrimony profile suddenly and seeing another girl and totally ignoring me. everytime in between these four years i tried to break up wid him, he used to send me all those emotional texts to not leave him and where he promised of not hurting me which he did broke( I have proof of those). He once also sent me 41 rupees at 2.30am and said to me "you go away from my life. i dont want to marry you ever. Do u seek more or aren't u leaving" I have those details and those screenshots where he said jaati h ya nhi, mei tjhse kabhi shadi nhi karunga and the money he sent me ... Now he's seeing another girl who has agreed to manage on his terms for marriage. I want to know if some case can be filed on him for the same or not?