How to take my mothers property in a legal way ?

Hi, I shall be 21 by the end of this December. I lost my mother in 2008 after her death she left a 'will' for a property she owned which also had a loan on it in virar,mumbai. The 'will' stated that since I am minor the maternal side of my mother shall take care of the property. My mother declared her father as the caretaker of the property and if something goes wrong to him her brother shall take care of it. The 'will' declared that I shall become the legal owner of the property when I am 25 and I am the only legal heir. I approached my maternal side recently in the month of July end and requested them for early transfer of rights for my educational needs. On that particular day they demanded 2 lac for the expenses they did towards the flat while the loan amount was still pending. I agreed to pay them that amount by the end of the month and also take care of bank's loan from septemeber and therefore a 'mou' was drafted which imcluded that the present tenant living in the flat would vacant it by august end and they shall handover me the flat peacefully with a drafting of a final document by the moths end which shall highlight the handover of the flat. The story took a turn when they sent me the final draft which had many conditions that shall bind to their legs and create a problem for me in future so i disagreed to sign the final draft. Since the loan amount was getting outstanding the bank told us that the flat shall be sealed. I told my maternal side that if anything happens to the flat they are to be blamed to which they replied that as per the mou you have to take care of bank and pay us 2 lac rupees. I am confused that what should I do. Apart from this I want them to give two letters; first one to bank stating that I shall pay the money towards loan and the property papers should be handed over to me. second to society stating that they are transferring the rights to me. I need a solid legal advice for the complete procedding