Mental and physical abuse by husband and in laws

I got married in april 2014. Within a werk itself my husband started hitting me on some pretext or the other. Giving me serious injuries and mental stress. In that situation i could not share it with anyone. The incidents became frequent and his verbal abuse too left me distraught. He was having serious multiple liasions with numerous girls in even after marriage and as he was not able to give them the time due to my presence he got irritated and took it out on me on some pretext or the others. I got to know all this many months later when i accidently picked up a call and talked to a girl who was unaware of the fact that he was married. On confrontation things went worse from bad. He spends all my money( keeps my debit card with him i am a govt employee) my in laws know about all the mis doings but act indifferent. My mother in law supports my husband and says that these are intial years and he will change after having a baby. He abuses me, beats me, does not give me money for my expenses, doed not allow me to interact with my family, spies over me and tortures me every day and night. I have tried to commit suicide a few times. I am vulnerable from his behaviour as he says if i will report this matter he has links and contacts and that would help him. He will make my situation worse than this as i dont have any proof against him I have come to live with my parents for the last one month. Please guide me. I am penniless at this moment as he had spent all my savings.