Wife is not coming back home

There are some incident happen... due to which i had doubt that my wife is in relationship before marriage for gaining trust i have get control of her mobile i dont have problem with her past life but she should be honest after marriage but she refused to do things related to her mobile. Our main fight gone around mobile only... I feel like she dont like me...she stayed with me only for 1 month and go to parents home ..now she dont wish to come back it is four months now she wont come back ..and i doubt she will ask for allumny because i am the only who wants to retain the marriage her parents and wife are not interested and keep tailing me that i will come so i want to ask below questions -What should i do to bring her back? - I dont want divorce but my wifes intentions are not good if she came home again and apply false charge on me and my parents what should i do? If intentions are good then i like to live with her. -Should i ask for divorce on this basis? -My wife previously working in company right now dont have job she is parents only daughter, they are middle class family same as me...living standard quite high than me do i need to pay allumny, if yes how much if my salary is 1.2 lac per month. What would be the max maintenance and one time settlement amount i need to pay