Regarding my contribution and my employer contribution in EPFO

My name is A.Beiphasa from Mizoram,Aizawl and before my resignation i was posted at Mizoram, Zarkawt Branch here in Aizawl. Sir,my problem is that my salary is Rs.15000 a month and this is my first official job.At ICICI Bank my salary was Rs.15000 but i only got Rs.11000,after asking and after i got my hand on the appointment papers i little bit knew that some of the deducted money goes to somewhere,but i started receiving sms from EPFO stating that they received the amount of Rs.1935 for my contribution in the EPFO .Sir,i wanted to know how much my employer's contribute for my pf,i don't have any idea about this but after a little searching and reading through others answer on the subject of PF and how our employers have to add 8.3% or something for us towards my PF's contributions.Sir,please can you educate me on how much my employer have to contribute for my pf and what will be my PF balance amount as i am very much in need of the PF's money due to health problems,even now my daughter is suffering from chicken pox and my resignation was also due to many health problems.Sir,i am waiting patiently for your answers that too in the most simplistic way possible.Thank you.