Regarding formation of a new Society where one Society by name "Resident Welfare association" exists

We are residents of Pocket "F" Sarita Vihar,New Delhi-110076, A resident Welfare association registered by Registrar of Societies, South East Delhi (hereinafter called RWA). This RWA filed court cases against about 35 Residents who did not become member of this RWA and did not pay monthly subscription.The RWA has initiated these cases for realisation of dues. Aggrieved by court cases and other decisions of RWA some of the Residenta Formed another Society named Jan Kalyan Samiti (hereinafter called Samiti) which was also registered on 25.03.2022 by the Registrar of Societies. The RWA is propogating that formation of Samiti is illegal on the following grounds:- 1) The non paying members of RWA ie defaulters have formed the Samiti. 2) The Samiti is not registered by DDA whereas RWA was registred by DDA afte 15 years of registration by Registrar. Further it may be stated that DDA has handed over Sarita Vihar colony to SDMC in 2002 and now DDA has nothing to do with Sarita Vihar. Please clarify whether Samiti can take a stand that it is not illegal and may possibily file a case against RWA for defamation.