Employment Contract

I was in employment contract with NISG for 2 years. As per contract both company and employee have to give 3 months notice before terminating the contract. When only 3 months to the end of my contract were remaining, i started asking them for their decision whether they want to extend the contract or not, so that i get sufficient time to look for job if they were not in mood to extend. There were few cases earlier, where people were told about non-extension just 45 days before end, practically they didn't get full 3 months to look for job. I want to ask- 1. By not telling me after the start of last 3 months, about the future of contact, has company breached the contract? Can we interpret like this? 2. Company is saying, I should have seen contract as two years employment only, I should not have expected extension. But contact says nothing about conditions related to extension, but it is also not written that this contract is non-extendeble. But there are cases where other similar contracts of employees were extended. Is company right in saying first sentence?