Mutual divorce

Dear Sir, My husband(55yrs) becomes very abusive and very stubborn and sometimes when angry with our daughter has beaten me even,and I (44) also reciprocated,but he started first. He never minds for running our family on my earning. He only has a liking of watching TV (possessive about it),previously for 4 yrs he was unemployed and our family used to bear its expenses with my little money less than 15K and monetary help from my parents. Now,my daughter (19yrs)is also stubborn and not a compromising character.she cannot stand her father's weak nature and financially depend on me character. They always fight ferociously, but I take husband's side mostly on the context of TV watching,now he abuses like the ugliest of world,even once molested my daughter in revenge. Now he dares beating me even,I tried to compromise,but my daughter is not,if I buy a TV then some problem will be resolved,but I don't hv that excess amount. The house we are staying is on my husband's name , but it was totally built on my father's money. I don't have problem for staying along with everyone,but I doubt there might occur some wild incident as both my husband and daughter are very agressive(angryness) . He always says he will bring a native lady to our house ,doesn't like me. Even I can't stand him. Even he had improper relation/behaviour with my own bhavi,I was ignorant about that for many years. I really want peace in my last phase of life,by which I'm going on. I know if I sell the house and give him his proportion also,he will finish the money within no time and again will beg to me,and I'll have no other options other than forgiving him. But,I'm even agreed to give all jewelleries of mine too,but will that give permanent solution? Pls.give some solutions,how do I take mutual divorce? Regards, Kakali Bagchi kolkata