No sex in the marriage of 3 years

My Marriage is now about 3 years 4 months but there is not any kind of sex happens between us not even on the first night.Every time i approach to her she denies . My parents also talk to their parents but their reaction is neutral like they don't care. She live life as per convince , she is not socializing in my circle , even though i go every where with her in her family functions & all. What she do is just cooking food & if she don't wish to cook she don't without informing. Even Since 2 years i am eating oats in my morning breakfast continuously (with no change) & no lunch. It is very funny but she is an LLB . In every matter she threatened me for complaining to police. We have not taken any kind of dowry at the time of marriage. Previously I was working in a company & get a salary of 55k per month .She is also working & get a salary of 15k pm. She never spent a single rupee for the house holding, even i don't have problem with this. But Since 5 months ago the company in which i was working has been closed so since then I am jobless but still I am spending all the house hold requirement (Rent+EMI+ general expanses) from my savings, even in this condition she never contributes . In this condition also she do expensive from my debit cards. As I am the one who is sufferer ,If I file a case of annulment in that case would I have to give compensation to her ? As i waited a lot for her behavior change.