Credit Card Negilgence by bank and fraud

Hello, My mother got an SBI Credit Card against a fixed deposit of Rs. 40,000 last year. On 4th of March 2015, we did some shopping of Rs 22,000, and paid with the Credit Card. The next day we received the verification call from one of the SBI Card representatives, after verifying the details he asked if we would like to pay the amount in full or in flexible EMIs, to his suggestion we acknowledged to make it to 9 EMIs of Rs 2700(approx) with taxes and interest. So, the total amount we had to pay with taxes and interest was around Rs 24,300(Twenty Four Thousand Three Hundred). Now the issues that we are facing are these 1. We have never been provided with the Statements/bill not even once after. Not until now. We did not receive any bill?statement in April , only received a call from SBI Card on 24th of April 2015,to immediately pay the bill that after receiving several harassing calls to make immediate payment of the bill that is Rs 4000 which we did by depositing the cash in the bank. Since then we only receive SMS or calls fom SBI Card to pay the said amounts. We asked them many times on the phone to send the the Hard Copy of the bill/statement, to which the every time they reply, they will, but they never did. We have already paid them (as per the calls/sms recieved) Amt. (Rounded off) Date of Payment Rs 4,[deleted]/04/2015 Rs 4,[deleted]/04/2015 Rs [deleted]/05/2015 Rs 4,[deleted]/06/2015 Rs 3,[deleted]/07/2015 Rs 3,[deleted]/08/2015 Rs 4,[deleted]/09/2015 Total Rs 24,000(Approx) But still the outstanding balance is Rs 17,000, we don’t know how. 2. On 24 April we did deposit Rs 4000 by the cash but to our amazement the same amount was deducted from the account as well. So, on 20th, August 2015, we sent them a mail raising both the issue. To which we got no official reply just an auto generated ticket no. We did not receive any solution. So, on 31, On 31st of August, 2015, We personally met with one of the SBI nodal officers at 11, Sansad Marg New Delhi. Not only he was unprofessional but was extremely rude and very disrespectful. We explained him the issues from top to bottom, to which he replied "Ye aapki Galti hai ki aapne Card le kar EMI karyi, ab paise to aapko dene hi padenge, nahi to hum aapki FD se paise nikaal lenge.(It is entirely your fault that you chose to pay with SBI card in EMI. Now you must pay us or will deduct it from your FD." We told him about the cash payment of Rs 4000 and the money that was deducted from the account and even showed him the bank receipt, he straight up denied the cash payment even after showing him the receipt and told us that “Humare system mai show nahi kar raha hai, hume koi cash payment nahi mila. So, again on 4th September 2015 we sent them another mail, to one level up authority, but still, no response, just a auto generated ticket. We have provided with no solution to our problem. We had sent them a legal notice also on 7th September 2015, regarding the first 2 issues, to which we have received not reply. Our lawyer is saying he can’t do anything unless they reply to the legal notice. 3. On 18th September 2015, my mother received a phishing call from someone impersonating as SBI card representative. He told my mother that he was calling from SBI card Sansad Marg office regarding the money issue. He told my mother her address, her phone no, her card no.”Mam, I’m calling from SBI Card Sansad Marg, aapko jo money ka issue hai, aapke a Card no. ye hai? Aapka contact no. ye hai? Aakpa address ye hai” He told her all the correct details, so my mother thought he was calling from the SBI Card regarding the mail we sent them. He then told my mother “Mam, mai yaha se aapki request process kar raha hun aapke phone par ek six digit ka code aya hoga wo aap mujhe bata dijiye jisse mai ye complaint aagey forward kar du” He cheated her and was able to get the OTP from my mother, as she do not know what is OTP, she thought it was the complaint no. And he made the transaction of Rs. 4,500. As quick as I got hold of it(the next day), I immediately called the SBI card and explained them the fraudulent phishing scam. To which they didn’t help a single bit, they only blocked the card. And told us that “It is you fault and you have to pay for it”. I asked them “how the perp did get our information, we only used this card once, since then this card is sitting in one of the drawer of our almirah” Again, they shifted the blame on us. Frustrated by their lack of professionalism and empathy towards their customers, I asked them how much more we have to pay as we already paid you guys around Rs. 24,000. To which, he replied “Sir, in our system your outstanding balance is Rs 17,000 plus we have to pay those Rs 4,500, too” I asked him, how is it possible, how can 9 EMIs of Rs 2700 round up to Rs 40,000 and we have paid you another Rs 4,000 on 18th September. his reply “Sir, late fee and govt charges plus in our system it is showing 12 EMIs of RS 2100 and you paid us 7EMIs and 5 are still remaining”. Again, I asked him Aap kaise late fee aur govt. charges le rahe, please explain to me with each EMI that I paid with date. His reply “Sir, aap bina basis ke argue kar rahe hai aapne Rs2100 ki EMI karayi thi aapko tabhi statement leni chaiye thi, ab mai aapko hare k EMI ki detail dene nahi baitha, gmail pe complaint daal dijiye ya online account mai check kar lijiye” I told him, we asked for the Statement/bill several times,but you guys never gave us. His reply “Sir, is bar aapki statement aa jayegi and he hung up the phone” and didn’t offer any help. So, I told you guys everything as it happened, can anyone help and guide us from how to proceed from here on. As a case in civil court will take ages, so a fast track solution is needed. Thanks in Advance Regards Anubhav Singh