Requirement for independent online business.

I am having a small part time online business of selling Women apparels on some free websites not requiring a VAT or CST number. However, I want to expand it to sell on different websites like Ebay, Amazon etc by making a registered company of sole proprietorship (which i feel is mandatory for these sites). I read the requirements for registration of a sole proprietorship firm and have a very basic idea about it. I would like to get a firm registered and start this business, however, i am not very sure of what will be the exact requirements and how to go about it. I would be really grateful to all of you, if you could guide me through the process and clarify certain doubts. Listed below are my doubts/queries. I know, the list of queries is long (as i am totally unaware about it), but your guidance and help would be of great help and support. 1. I am a home maker and working from home. Is it possible to show the home address as the work place address or Is it necessary to have another commercial address (shop, go-down etc) for online business ? 2. The house is a rented one with the rent agreement between my husband and the landlord. If it is possible to show the home address in the registration, what is the other formality that i will have to do ? 3. If i satisfy the above conditions, how can i apply for registration and what all (VAT/CST/TIN/TAN/PAN etc) will be mandatory requirement for making the business official ? I have a personal PAN number. 4. Is it possible to do the entire procedure online or will it be better to get it done through some consultancy firm ? I am in New Delhi. 5. What kind of registration would be best suitable for me, as i don't intend to employ anyone else, at-least initially ? 6. What would be the charges for registration and fees for VAT, CST etc ? Thanking you in advance in anticipation. Regards, Koshambi.