Divorce before one year of marriage.

My marriage took place on 20 february 2015 in Jaipur, Rajasthan.Very next day we could not tolerate each other bcoZ of small small things objected by her and her mentally temperament nature....we lived together for 2 months anyway. She went to her home on 6 April 2015. We tried a lot to take her home by panchayat but She declared not to come ever. ....After that I decided to divorce her and she is also agree for that but demanded 25 lacs rs as alimony and one time settlement otherwise threatened us that she will file dv case and dowry case like 498 or else. after intervention of comman relatives we agreed at 8 lacs rupees. But I want to give money through court or in legal way so that again they shouldn't create problems.My questions are... 1:- Can I file divorce as we have completed only 7 months. 2:- how can we pay her in legal way? As they are telling to make payment by anyway without delay on 100 rs stamp paper with witnesses. 3:- we are ready for mutual consent but they are not ready to wait for filing of MCD after 1 year of marriage and face 6 months cooling period. 4:- suggest any legal way to make payment... And divorce b4 one year as I m ready to pay to get rid of this problem.