Hello Sir, I am harassed with wife. She left the home 3 years ago along with 15days baby girl. I called to stay with me couple of times but she opposed and all the days she is bringing more than 30 people to hit me. She went to police station @ one of her brother in law village and gave complaint on me, under 498a and she staying that location that location more than 4 years. Finally the police officer shouted them and thrown away. She came to panchayati (meeting with elders and advocates) she Said “my husband is going to kill me and I don’t want husband”. I said Ok very nice if that is the case better to dispose my marriage and let me know what is the compensation. She taken one month time and went to their home town. After one month they lodged to mahila mandali and they referred to their mandal police station. There she never came to compromise and finally that if you are interested to live with me come otherwise file FIR. They not even given the complaint and taken the week time to discuss. They did not came back for discussion and did not joined in family. I filed case in Family Court for Divorce after 2 months. They placed case against me, father and mother under 498a, dv….etc. For first hearing she did not attended. Called police officer behalf arrest but they did not done that. Police officer told that she need quick settlement rather than court procedures. She, relates and elders came for settlement and I agreed the payment. I told the payment will pay thru DD in front of judge with MCD. Then they did not came for settlement. I went to Police station for bail but they did not gave the bail papers (they taken my surety papers). and officers are supporting to her. She did not attended for first hearing. For second hearing she attended and told that they are going to contest (i.e. not compromising with settlement). They take the Date for next hearing with the gap of two months. Can you please advise what are the necessary actions to come out from the police officer?