Family dispute in regard to a property..

Dear, I have purchased an independent in the year 2009 by taking bank loan of 17.5 lacs & 4 lacs from my company employees welfare society. My parents have given 1 lac. After purchasing the house, I am staying in the house with my parents along with my two younger brothers (no sisters). I got married in 2010. I have been paying EMI of 25,000/- per month from the starting. Though my parents and younger brothers are staying with me, they never shared their income with me. Younger brother got married in 2013. Before his marriage we have purchased a plot for 6 lacs out of which i have contributed 4.5 lacs. This plot has been registered in his name. Younger brother is a lorry mechanic. he runs a small garage and able to earn around 30- 40 k per month. Youngest brother has just finished B.Tech and is looking for a job. I have paid all fees around 2-3 lacs for his education. My parents owns 2 acres of farming land in village which is of value: 20 lacs. The house in which we are staying is in my name...I have been paying EMI all by me since starting. Now outstanding loan is of 15 lacs. My query is do my brothers have right on the house in which we are living in? I have to children 5 y & 2 y. My parents want to sell farming land in village to repay the outstanding loan on the house. Then they want to sell the house which may fetch around 50 lacs and divide the amount in four shares: three brothers and one share for parents.